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Dr. Marilu Romero is a therapist specializing in individual, couples and family therapy, and maintains a private practice in Fort Worth, TX. Dr. Romero offers bilingual psychotherapist services in English and/or Spanish. 

At the core of everything I do is an immense love and passion for the liberation of all people. Liberation from what? As working families, we may be affected by our economic situation, our work environment or a legal dispute in the family. Mental health issues such as abusive relationship dynamics, addiction, and depression/anxiety can also negatively impact our lives and make us feel as though we are living under the grip of some external force; something way outside of our control. 

Although I have spent a large part of my life advocating to create change on a social level, my biggest passion lies in the direct impact I can have at the individual level: one-on-one in my therapy office. After all, nothing excites me more than the thought of facilitating change that defies our social and multi-generational conditioning. That is just how powerful we truly are! I have seen this occur in my office time and time again: A single mom leaves her fifth abusive relationship after finally thinking of herself as worthy and learning a new concept of love – one that honors her true values. A child gets better grades in school after parents decide to think differently about their boundaries and structure in the home. These are achievements that carry a massive ripple effect throughout the world. This is the lens I bring into my work – helping clients achieve their dreams defies the negative conditioning that exists all around us, and that is how therapy does change the world.

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